MSNBC's Todd, Sharpton Imply Bashir Should Be Fired

"We would get suspended or fired."

On MSNBC’s The Rundown with Chuck Todd on Monday, host Al Sharpton said that people who use hate-filled terms should be fired from positions in the media. Chuck Todd agreed with him.

In discussing the case of Miami Dolphins offensive linemen Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin, in which the white Incognito was accused of texting the black Martin racial slurs, Sharpton said, “So you are telling me I have the right to say I’m just a big kid I can do that at the workplace it is locker room talk? Well if you are in this building, is it cubicle talk to use a homophobic term?”

Put aside the irony of serial race-baiter and user of racist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic slurs Sharpton lecturing others on the use of such language. Why exactly isn’t Sharpton offended by his fellow host, Martin Bashir, suggesting that someone should “p*ss” and “sh*t” in former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s mouth? Why are slurs okay for some but not for others?

According to Sharpton, use of slurs is never justified: “I think that I’ve clearly been against the use of the n-word. Period. Doesn't matter who you are or what the circumstances.” Why doesn’t the same apply to sexist language used with regard to a Republican former vice presidential candidate? Why has all of MSNBC gone silent on one of its hosts suggesting a remake of The Human Centipede starring Palin? Why isn’t Saturday Night Live hosting Sharpton to have him weigh in on the use of anti-female language by his fellow hosts?

When Sharpton suggested that use of racist and homophobic language would be unacceptable in a corporate workplace, Todd agreed, stating, “We would get suspended or fired.” And yet MSNBC has said nothing about Bashir’s comments. Where is the equality there? Or are some classes of minorities like blacks and gays more worthy of protection by MSNBC than others, like women?

But perhaps we should take Todd and Sharpton at their word. If so, they are calling for Bashir’s job on a platter. We welcome them to the cause.