MSNBC’s Reid Lectures Republican Guest for Saying 'Illegal Immigrants' and 'Illegal Alien'

"Well, we're going with 'undocumented immigrants.'"

On Sunday's Morning Joy, left-wing host Joy Reid scolded guest Evan Siegfried for his use of the terms "illegal alien" and "illegal immigrants." Because, you know, being correct is not encouraged by MSNBC.

During a discussion on immigration reform, Republican Siegfried criticized the notion of a border wall, saying it would be ineffective in preventing illegal immigration. Siegfried asserted that the President's understanding of the finer points of the problem and the ramifications of a wall is lacking. Furthermore, the right-wing strategist portrayed Trump's perspective as envisioning Chuck Schumer sitting on the shoulder of every illegal alien who breaks the law, inciting them to do so.

In the course of his explanation, the conservative guest used politically incorrect terms, accurately describing those in the country without permission:

"[Trump is] not confronting what has accounted for 42% of illegal immigrants in the United States...[Moreover, he acts as if] every illegal alien who commits a crime has Chuck Schumer on their shoulder saying, 'Do it, do it.'"

Despite the fact that Siegfried was speaking in opposition to President Trump, Reid was unimpressed. "Well, we're going with 'undocumented immigrants,'" Reid condescended.

The leftist host -- not known for her sensitivity when callously attacking Governor Charlie Crist of Florida, or even his wife -- continued her lecture to Siegfried:

"I mean, we're trying to change the conversation around it, right? There's certain terminology, even, like ‘chain migration' and ‘illegal aliens' that's a throwback conversation that does feel like—it feels almost like the '80s."

Wrong, Joy. Absolutely wrong. It's the correct term, and not from the '80's. Nor is it, incidentally, racist. Just ask America's first black president, from 1995: