MSNBC's Halperin Exploits Kids for Anti-Trump Messaging

"People who don't like the wall, why is that a bad idea?"

The Progressive left loves kids because they make such useful political props. Witness, for example, their exploitation in Obama-worshipping children's choirs, singing his praises.

As reported by Newsbusters, on a recent episode of Showtime's The Circus, MSNBC senior political analyst Mark Halperin visited a Washington D.C. elementary school to get fifth graders’ opinions on President Trump. Fifth-graders have no political insights worth sharing with adults, but Halperin wasn't there for insight -- he was there mining for TV-worthy, anti-Trump sentiment out of the mouths of babes.

Halperin kicked off the political discussion by asking the kids to describe President Trump in one word. Almost all the responses were negative: "crazy,” “disrespectful,” "rude," "untruthful," "confused," "unexperienced," and “trouble,” for example, although a couple were neutral -- "interesting" -- and a couple of dissidents answered with “hard-working” and “truthful.”

From there, Halperin asked the kids what Trump had done so far in office that they liked or didn’t like. One girl answered that she didn’t like “the wall” which prompted Halperin to ask the others, "People who don't like the wall, why is that a bad idea?"

As one would expect, the kids all sounded like they were merely regurgitating their parents' opinions. One in particular sounded almost coached: “America is losing scientists. Good minds have to be either made here or imported. And we’re doing a good job of keeping the undesirables out, but we’re doing a better job of keeping the desirables out as well.”

After a couple of kids expressed concerns that Trump was "hurtful to the nature," Halperin asked for a show of hands as to who thought Trump cared about the environment. One lone hand went up. Apparently that kid didn't get the memo that all young people are supposed to agree that the science is settled on global warming.

When Halperin asked if they approved of Trump's job so far, again most responses were negative: “When he tried to get rid of Obamacare he didn’t succeed and I think that was a big hit,” and “He’s only doing what he wants to do and he’s not trying to satisfy all the nation, he just sticks with ideas and doesn’t try to improve them.”

As one YouTube commenter noted, "So liberals are on the same intellectual level as children? Interesting."