MSNBC's Chris Hayes Omits Fact Guest Was Adviser To Ahmadinejad As He Trashes P5+1 Deal's Opponents

Netanyahu Is Hard-liner, But Rouhani is a Moderate

On Monday's All In With Chris Hayes, the host invited Hooman Majd, NBC News contributor and former adviser to Iranian Presidents Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Mohammad Khatami, to discuss the P5+1 deal.

Hayes began by making the false charge that anyone who didn't like the deal was a warmonger and then threw it over to Mr. Majd, who argued that the Iranian regime was composed of moderates who want peace, unlike the hard-liner, Benjamin Netanyahu. No mention was made of Mr. Majd's relationship to the Iranian regime.

Hayes then accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of making himself into a "cartoon" by "tirelessly agitating for war" and "opposing peace," totally ignoring the fact that Netanyahu wasn't campaigning for war but a continuation of the sanctions which were beginning to have their affect on the Iranian economy.

Majd echoed Hayes's sentiments and ignored the fact his former boss, President Ahmadinejad, constantly threatened to destroy Israel, instead accusing the Israeli Prime Minister of constantly threatening to go to war​.

It was only the other guest on the program, Congressman Engel (D-NY), who put Iranian President Rowhani's "moderation" in context.

And look, people say Rowhani is a moderate. He's not a moderate. No moderates were allowed to run in the Iranian election. They were all eliminated from running. There was six essentially hard-liners allowed to run. He's the most moderate of all the hard-liners.

In the end this, segment was unfair to both Congressman Engel and the audience because Hayes did not have the integrity to explain where Hooman Majd was coming from.