MSNBC Silent On-Air About Bashir's Departure

No mention during his old time slot about former host's exit.

Martin Bashir resigned from MSNBC officially today, a move Truth Revolt noted was a strong possibility. In a statement released to Politico, MSNBC President Phil Griffin thanked Bashir for “three great years” while remaining silent on the actual reason for Bashir’s exit. Griffin’s silence on Bashir’s blunder would apparently represent the way MSNBC chose to handle the issue on the air.

At 4pm, Bashir’s normal time slot, the show preceding Bashir, The Spin threw it to Joy Reid, as has become custom over the past several weeks while Reid filled in. But this time Reid wasn’t “in for Martin Bashir.” She was just Joy Reid. The typical montage splicing news clips from today with an endearingly outdated pop mix still started the show, but with no graphics or visual signifiers of what the actual show was.

Reid then started the show like normal, promoting the President’s latest effort to sell Americans on Obamacare. But at no time was Bashir’s official departure mentioned, nor the potential future direction of the show.