MSNBC Prime Time Lineup Not Interested In Covering Huge VA Scandal

If only the VA administered a bridge ...

The VA, and particularly Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki, have been all over the news this past week in the wake of recent revelations about the deaths of veterans awaiting care. Not among the news outlets covering the story are MSNBC's flagship prime-time opinion shows.

With the exception of one story by Rachel Maddow on Thursday night, the prime time lineup at MSNBC has ignored the growing scandal altogether. Even the liberal Daily Banter notes that the shows didn't even cover the resignation of Robert Petzel on Friday. But this dearth of coverage is not limited to the prime-time shows.

Extending to include the other two primary evening shows, Politics Nation and Hardball, we still find almost zero coverage. Matthews ran one story on Thursday, and Al Sharpton has made no mention of  veterans, the VA, or Shinseki all week.

You might think the weekend lineup would correct this situation, but you would be wrong. In six hours of opinion programming on Saturday, the day after a resignation and following a week of breaking news, neither Up with Steve Kornacki, The Melissa Harris-Perry Show, nor Disrupt with Karen Finney covered the story. Disrupt finally picked up the story for a panel discussion on Sunday afternoon.

By way of comparison, Up, All In, Last Word, Rachel Maddow, Politics Nation, and Hardball have all run stories about Chris Christie and bridgegate more than once in the same time-frame.