MSNBC Liberals Turn On Clinton

Want answers on email scandal

You know it is bad for a liberal politician when he or she catches flack from MSNBC.

On Friday morning, uber-liberal Mika Brzezinski interrupted fellow liberal, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, after Robinson tried to brush off concerns about Clinton and the secret email server.

"I think that's a great preview of what we are going to hear, probably next fall about Hillary Clinton and the email server," Robinson said.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Even I'm saying that," Brzezinski cut in with.

Robinson did admit, in a roundabout way, that the secret, and likely illegal, email server is of concern but began waffling when Brzezinski cut in again, pointing out that there is no question Clinton set up the email server and likely broke the law.

"Let’s not pretend the truth doesn’t exist, and let’s not hedge around it because we’re frightened," Brzezinski said as she pushed Robinson.

Robinson admitted that the secret email server is the type of story that the American public can wrap their heads around and be disturbed by it.