MSNBC Just Proved They Take Direct Orders from Barack Obama

All the MSNBC hosts jump to comply with Organizing for America's demands.

Earlier this week, the old Obama campaign, now known as Organizing for Action, issued a call to action for its followers: use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to talk politics. The official Barack Obama twitter account for OFA said this:

And this:

And, like the lackeys they are, the hosts at MSNBC picked up the message. On Wednesday night, all the MSNBC primetime hosts informed Americans how to preach at their conservative relatives. Ed Schultz said liberals should talk about Obamacare, and then had on dramatically unfunny “comedian” John Fugelsang to talk about “your, uh, Obamacare-hating uncle, you’ve got your NRA uncle, you’ve got your gay for Reagan uncle, youv’e got your uncle who uses Benghazi as a verb.” Then, Al Sharpton offered his talking points for Thanksgiving, stating, “That aunt or uncle, who watches Fox News all day is coming to dinner.” Then Chris Hayes did the same.

When the Obama campaign says for MSNBC to #GetTalking, MSNBC quickly complies.