MSNBC Host Cuts Feed of Black Man Wishing Everyone Would Stop Race Baiting

"That is one person we have chosen to cut the sound from."

MSNBC host Tamron Hall was utterly flabbergasted when she cut to a video clip intended to show the terribly racist people that were attending a Donald Trump rally and instead was faced with a black supporter who said all the talk about racism and race baiting needs to stop. Needless to say, this did not go the way Hall planned.

The setup for this moment of unintended comedy was perfect: on one hand you have Hall, champing at the bit to prove Trump supporters are a bunch of little David Dukes running around in white sheets and on the other, there's David Corn, the bureau chief of super-lefty outlet Mother Jones. As the two speak about these racist connections, Hall sets up the coming clip:

Now you have reports saying, listen, what about his supporters? What are we learning about his supporters, the new people, truly, that he is… bringing into the fold?

She then cuts to the video she anticipates will deal the deadly blow and back up her assessment of the situation. Except, the video is of a black man sitting next to a white man as they attend a Trump rally together. She hears the man say:

David Duke and people like that, they come out from under the rocks all the time around this time this year. It's got nothing to do with Donald Trump. We’re all Americans. I think we need to stop with all the racist stuff and the race baiting. Like me and my friend right here, we just met today and we were talking. You know, we gotta stop with the racist stuff and this, that. We're all Americans. Man, nobody paying David Duke no mind.

And just like Rocky Balboa stumbling around after a vicious punch by Clubber Lang, Hall stuttered:

Ummm… clearly… [awkward giggle] Let me just be clear here. Obviously the majority of Donald Trump supporters are not African-American. I don't know how many African-Americans were in that building, but that is one, uh, person that, uh, we have chosen to cut that sound from.

It's truly a thing of beauty to see this blow up in their face. The Conservative Tribune put it this way: "Their brains appear to be processing the information like a Commodore 64 trying to run Photoshop."

Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee got a few chuckles out of it, as well, posting to Facebook:



It must be awfully frustrating for liberals in the media when minorities refuse to conform to their preconceived stereotypes. Frustrating for them, but hilarious to the rest of us.

Posted by Mike Huckabee on Wednesday, March 2, 2016


And also Herman Cain:


When black voters don't play to MSNBC's type, hilarity ensues.

Posted by Herman Cain on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

You know what else shocks Hall? Young women that support Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton and thereby blow the chance for America to have its first female president.

Maybe she can walk through the same door Melissa Harris-Perry just did.