MSNBC Axes Sharpton's Weekday Show

PoliticsNation relegated to single hour early Sunday morning slot

The writing's been on the wall for social justice activist Al Sharpton's ratings-challenged weekday show, but now it's official: MSNBC is drastically downsizing Sharpton's PoliticsNation from a one-hour show airing every weekday at 6pm ET to a single hour relegated to 8am Sunday. 

Sharpton's show has been in the ratings gutter for quite some time now, and with Griffin's plan to bring some semblance of actual news reporting back to the network, rumors have been circulating that Sharpton's weekday program was on the chopping block

In a memo Wednesday, MSNBC president Phil Griffin tried to put a positive spin on the shrinking of Sharpton's show. 

"After four terrific years – or as Reverend Sharpton said, 'a full first term' – PoliticsNation is ready for its next chapter," announced Griffin. "Beginning on Sunday, October 4, the show will move to Sunday mornings at 8:00am."

"I want to congratulate Al and his team. For four years they have done a terrific job bringing his voice and a big spotlight to issues of justice, civil rights and equality," wrote Griffin. "And as many of you know, The Rev never missed a show. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do with a Sunday morning newsmaker program."

Sharpton likewise put a good face on the significant diminishment of airtime, tweeting, "That new Politics Nation w/ Al Sharpton will premiere on my birthday weekend. I am honored with now being a Sunday Morning TV host, Great!!"

First airing in August 2011, PoliticsNation's last weekday showing will be Sept. 4.