Ms. Magazine Promotes Female Muslim Rapper's Pro-Hijab Video

“Wrap my hijab / wrap my hijab / wrap my hijab / wrap wrap my hijab.”

The stealth jihad in the West continues through the cultural push for acceptance, even glamorization, of Islamic fashion for women. Ms. Magazine is contributing to that and betraying its supposed championing of women's rights and freedom of choice by promoting a Muslim woman's right to choose... the hijab.

According to Newsbusters, Ms. gushes that Syrian Muslim-American poet and activist Mona Haydar proudly embraces the hijab in her debut rap song “Hijabi,” which "showcases how divergent—and empowered—Muslim women of color can be, and it calls out minority extremists who exist within her own religion and anyone who paints Muslims all the same."

It's unclear how Haydar is calling out the "minority extremists who exist within her own religion" by promoting the hijab.

“Make a feminist planet, women haters get banished,” Haydar delivers in dead monotone in the video. The "woman haters" are apparently those who feel that women shouldn't have to wrap themselves from head to toe.

Newsbusters notes that Haydar "has been an ambassador of sorts, holding 'Ask A Muslim' events to draw attention to the idea that Muslims are just normal Americans like you," and that "Univision's struggling Fusion network for millennials also promoted the rapper and her video":


"We don't need saviors," she assures us, dismissing millions of Muslim women around the world who desperately do need and want liberation from the hijab and Islamic misogyny. "And we certainly don't need white saviors." What's wrong with white saviors? That sounds, um, racist.

Haydar goes on in the video to demonstrate that Muslim women are normal people too, because they eat snacks.

In the West, Haydar is free to wear the hijab if she likes, because the West supports choice -- at least for now. The issue Haydar utterly ignores in these videos is that in much of the Islamic world, or in some Islamic communities in the West, that choice is denied Muslim women. Those are the women to whom Ms. Magazine should be giving a voice.