Movie in the Making Glorifying Torturer-Murderer Donna Hylton

Once again Hollywood sides with evil.

Right on the heels of her prominent appearance at the Women's March last weekend in Washington D.C., reports that "activist" Donna Hylton will be the subject of a Hollywood biopic starring actress Rosario Dawson. The feature film will be based on Hylton's biography A Little Piece Of Light.

The way Deadline describes it, you'd think that Hylton was an admirable figure who always "would look for that little piece of light in others" as she "began fighting for the rights of women alongside her mother figure and women’s rights activist, author Eve Ensler," author of The Vagina Monologues.

Deadline glosses over Hylton's conviction for kidnapping, torture, and murder of a gay real estate agent when she was 19. Read more about her here on TruthRevolt, and don't miss the part where she used pliers on the victim's testicles, burned him, and forcibly sodomized him with a 3-foot pipe.

Dawson and Hylton are currently looking for a female screenwriter to adapt the book as well as a female director, because sisterhood.

“We are all looking for the right female screenwriter and director for A Little Piece Of Light. This is a project for women, by women, of women,” said the agent for the project. But no gay men, since they might not be enthusiastic about glorifying a gay man's torturer-murderer.

We'll be curious to see how the film twists Hylton's story so that she is the victim who becomes a civil rights leader. Oh, who are we kidding? We're not curious.