This is the Most Awesome Thing That Ever Happened in a 'Safe Space' [VIDEO]

Or at a safety school.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has both fans and detractors in every demographic and across the political spectrum. They are outnumbered only by people who have no idea who he is. But the puppet, in the hands of veteran comedian and SNL writer Robert Smigel, should be a household name after this.

The Comic Dog confronts college students in their safe space about political correctness, which is pretty much ruining an entire generation of kids (not to mention Twitter), and shows just how brainwashed and pathetic our institutions of higher learning want and are allowing students to become.

Smigel/Triumph confronts them, makes them uncomfortable, challenges their ideas, and makes them deal with a new situation. You know, like colleges are supposed to do. And guess what? Everybody lived!

Don't miss a second of this. Even if this is not your style of comedy, what it reveals is worth every second. And if you DO have taste in comedy, you'll laugh yourself hoarse.