Morning Joe: If Hillary Loses....

Expect other candidates to jump in

With Hillary Clinton expected to lose in New Hampshire next week there is plenty of speculation about what will happen if she also loses in Iowa. Polls in the Hawkeye State have been switching back and forth in recent days meaning Clinton could fall flat in her first two outings.

What will that mean? Well according to the morning show on the left-leaning MSNBC, a Clinton loss in Iowa and New Hampshire would see other candidates jump into the race.

"If she loses Iowa, New Hampshire, and loses New Hampshire big, it stops being about Bernie Sanders and starts being about Joe Biden, starts being about John Kerry, starts being about Al Gore," host Joe Scarborough said.

The panel then turned to the ability of Bernie Sanders to raise money in a big way from small donations.

"If Sanders wins tonight he will raise tens of millions of dollars. And she is put back in a position of going around and begging people at fundraisers for checks and all Bernie is doing is checking his website and seeing how much is coming in," journalist Mark Halperin said. Halperin added that a loss for Clinton would be "dire" for her campaign.

Analyst Willie Geist pointed out that Sanders has an average donation of $27, meaning most donors are nowhere near their legal limit and could be approached again for more money.