More Rigging the Election: Damning Evidence of Mass Voter Fraud

Getting "sh*t done" for over 50 years!

In part two of James O’Keefe’s undercover investigation “Rigging the Election,” the Democratic National Convention is exposed in a massive voter fraud ring that’s been influencing elections for 50 years.

One of the main players featured in Monday’s video all about purposely inciting violence at Donald Trump rallies, Scott Foval, appears again. This time, he brags about committing voter fraud on behalf of Democrats:

“We’ve been bussing people in to deal with you f***ing assholes [Republicans] for fifty years and we’re not going to stop now, we’re just going to find a different way to do it.”

One of those different ways, as he goes on to explain, is by using personal vehicles to get people to cross state lines and vote again. Foval said it would be harder to prove a conspiracy with individuals arriving on their own as opposed to a bus full of voters. He told the undercover investigator that he comes up with these plans by thinking like an investigator first. If he can figure out how they might prosecute a voter fraud case, he will think of a way around that is harder to detect.

Incidentally, Foval was fired from his position at Americans United for Change since the release of the first video yesterday. That’s one step in the right direction, but the fraud runs deeper than one man.

There’s also Robert Creamer who founded the liberal activist group Democracy Partners. Foval calls the group a “dark hat” in the business of elections. Creamer is married to a Democratic congresswoman from Chicago and served a prison sentence for tax violations and bank fraud. He promised an undercover investigator that he would put them in touch with organizations that could help him illegally register undocumented Hispanics to vote. Because, as he said, turnout is “huge, huge, huge.” 

Of Creamer, Foval said, “Bob Creamer is diabolical, and I love him for it. I have learned so much from that man over the last 20 years; I can’t even tell you. And he calls me to be his firefighter a lot of the time, because there are people who in our movement will not do what it takes to get sh*t done.”

Foval later told investigators that Creamer didn't want to proceed out of concern over the legality of it all. But Foval ensured he would be in because he doesn't "know" about it: "We talk about lots of things that we don't talk about."

These high-level operatives work closely with the Clinton camp “to get sh*t done” and they’re not shy about breaking the law, so long as no one finds out. And as this video proves, they’ve figured a way out of every sticky situation so far.

Watch part two above. (Language Warning)