More Mayhem in CA: Thugs Pepper Spray 5 Trump Supporters Including Women, Children, Elderly

Bloodied. Battered. Pepper-sprayed. Tasered. Shouted down... This is the Left's legacy.

Donald Trump rallies have become breeding grounds for progressive bullies. While the mainstream media typically paint Trump and his supporters as instigators of violence, witness accounts -- like the one TruthRevolt recently shared from an Arizona police officer -- and video footage of various scuffles have revealed that, on the whole, anti-Trump protesters are overwhelmingly responsible for the agitation. 

The latest incident came during a protest outside City Hall in Anaheim, California, Tuesday, where city council met to weigh a resolution that would denounce the so-called  "divisive rhetoric" of Donald Trump.

Both pro- and anti-Trump groups gathered outside City Hall to air their views, but it soon devolved into violence, thanks to hostile young thugs gathered to assault Trump supporters.  

Video footage recently posted online reveals a group of anti-Trump youth screaming expletives and holding up their middle fingers at a group of Trump supporters -- many of whom are elderly.

Around the 40-second mark, one of the young thugs is seen physically launching himself into the crowd as he attacks several of the Trump supporters.  

Video footage shows that at least two Trump supporters --  a Hispanic man identified as Paul Rodriguez, and a woman -- were injured. It shows Rodriguez washing his eyes out with bottled water and the woman trying to regain her composure. One man can be heard saying that Mr. Rodriguez had been sprayed with mace and that the woman may have been tasered. That woman's grandchildren were also pepper-sprayed. 

According to the OCRegister five people were in fact pepper-sprayed at the protest, including women, children and the elderly. Below is a detailed account: 

Five people were pepper-sprayed – three were treated at the scene, two didn’t require treatment, Anaheim police Sgt. Daron Wyatt said. No one was taken into custody during the altercation, but police were working to find the sprayer, he said.

At least two of those sprayed were female Trump supporters and two were children, ages 8 and 11.

A woman wearing a red “Make America Great Again” cap was hit on the left side of her face with the spray. Both of her grandchildren were also hit.

Paramedics were seen pouring water into the victims’ eyes to try to remove the stinging spray. The 8-year-old cried hysterically.

Pressing a white ice pack to the right side of her face, Linda Reedy of Laguna Niguel said she was also hit with pepper spray.

“All I remember is a young man jumped on one of my friends and I told him to get off. Then I got pepper-sprayed,” said Reedy, 53, wearing a U.S.A. shirt and cap.

“I’m a Trump supporter, but I’m here to support free speech. Anaheim has more important things to worry about.”

Many of the Trump supporters were there to oppose Councilwoman Kris Murray's efforts to push through the resolution denouncing Trump in City Hall: 

“What she’s doing is un-American,” Reedy said of Murray, the councilwoman.

Claremont-based We the People Rising had organized a rally in front of City Hall to show support for Trump and criticize Murray.

Carrying American flags and signs that read “Make America Great Again,” “We Love Trump” and “Trump for President,” the vocal crowd chanted “U-S-A” and “Trump All The Way.”

Chanell Temple, an African American woman in her 60s, drove in from Los Angeles to carry a “Black for Trump” sign and voice her support.

“I really believe Donald Trump can make America great again,” Temple said. “His movement will unite everybody to make a great America. With his business acumen, he can help the black community get jobs.”

Of the anti-Trump protesters, the Register writes: 

The pro-Trump protesters were met by another group of mostly young people. Most of the protesters moved inside once the City Council meeting started.

A few remained outside, holding anti-Trump signs on the building’s steps and trying to attract the attention of passing motorists.

With the resolution ultimately voted down, Trump supporters cheered and applauded the council's decision. Even those pepper-sprayed said it was a good day despite all they endured: 

Raul Rodriguez, 74, of Upland, was one of the Trump supporters who was pepper sprayed by a protester. After flushing out the pepper spray, he said he felt okay. He said Murray should have never brought her resolution to the council and believes the large pro-Trump turnout may have influenced the council’s decision.

“It was a good day for us,” Rodriguez said. “We made a big impact. A lot of us were against this.”

Earlier on Friday TruthRevolt also reported on different protests that have wreaked havoc in other parts of Southern California, where at least "20 people were arrested after hundreds of protestors blocked an intersection and a cop car was vandalized."

At that incident, young thugs, yet again, waved Mexican flags while others  "lobbed rocks at motorists." Pictures of bloody and battered Trump supporters are widely available online for those interested in the extent of the carnage. 

Free Speech is Constitutionally protected. It does not give anyone the right to silence the opposition, let alone physically attack those with opposing views. This is yet another of the Left's grotesque "contributions" to society - civility has been cast aside wholesale. Pepper-sprayed. Bloodied. Battered. Tasered. Shouted down with expletives. 

This is the Left's legacy. And it is an utter disgrace.