A Month Before She Called for 'Muscle' Against A Student, Mizzou Prof Was Cursing at Cops

A class act from start to finish.

She's baaack! And this time she's cursing at cops.

On November 9, 2015, the country was introduced to University of Missouri Professor of Mass Media Melissa Click who called for "muscle" to remove a student journalist who refused to stop covering a very public "Black Lives Matter" protest. Since then, Click has been charged with third-degree assault and resigned from her courtesy post from Mizzou's School of Journalism -- a laughable paradox to say the least. Amazingly, she is still employed as an associate professor of the school's mass media program.

Now, enriching this story further is new footage,showing that a month prior to this explosive incident, Click was yelling profanities at police officers.

Two different body camera angles have been released from the Columbia Police Department of its response to protesters blocking Mizzou's homecoming parade route on October 10, 2015, a pivotal moment enflaming the protests.

As police are trying to maintain safe passage for floats and other vehicles, Click is linked arm-in-arm with other "Black Lives Matter" protesters refusing the officer's orders. Instead of continuing their protest by simply stepping up onto the sidewalk, Click and her pals preferred endangering themselves and others. The officers had to "persuade" them with an open hand, gently nudging them out of the road. Click was not happy with this tactic. She shouted for police to "back up" and then launched this beauty:

Get your f***ing hands off me!

Watch the insanity below: