MLB Commish Wants Cleveland Indians Mascot Replaced

Pressuring the team to "transition away from Chief Wahoo.”

Professional sports logos and team mascots are favorite targets for the PC police. While they cry “offended,” the vast majority of fans want these harmless relics untouched. But Major League Baseball fans be damned! The commissioner wants the Cleveland Indians to begin its “transition away from Chief Wahoo.”

The Indians played their home opener on Tuesday which brought some protesters to Progressive Field (no relation). But signs and chants alone won’t be enough to move the cogs for change; someone with power to do so needs to be convinced and it appears MLB commissioner Rob Manfred is on board and applying pressure to act fast:

In a statement to The New York Times, Pat Courtney, a spokesman for Major League Baseball, said Manfred, in his talks with the Indians’ owners, had made clear his “desire to transition away from the Chief Wahoo logo. We have specific steps in an identified process and are making progress,” Courtney added. “We are confident that a positive resolution will be reached that will be good for the game and the club.”

Twitter was abuzz to #KeepTheChief:









Photo credit: Hawk Eyes via / CC BY-NC