Missouri Student VP 'Tired' of First Amendment Protections

The eye-rolls continue...

Things have not improved at the University of Missouri since the forced resignation of its president by students protesting against alleged acts of racism. Now it appears as though they won't stop until the First Amendment holds no power over them.

Appearing on MSNBC, vice president of the Missouri Students Association Brenda Smith-Lezama said she is sick and tired of people asserting their First Amendment rights when she feels it is creating a "hostile" and "unsafe" environment.

The student VP was asked by host Thomas Roberts, "One professor complained universities are becoming places of prohibition. What's your feeling? Do you believe that's a place we are heading for American campuses now?"

She answered:

I personally am tired of hearing that first amendment rights protect students when they are creating a hostile and unsafe learning environment for myself and for other students here. I think that it's important for us to create that distinction and create a space where we can all learn from one another and start to create a place of healing rather than a place where we are experiencing a lot of hate like we have in the past.

Smith-Lezama also indicated that she believed the way the photojournalist was treated (read: threatened) in the now-viral video is a "teachable moment" for everybody. 

"I also think it's important to remember that as student journalists, you cannot approach these type of situations with hostility and with anger because it only escalates the situation," she said.

And all of this social justice activism has won big gains this week for these students. Not only has the Mizzou president been ousted, but new initiatives have been put in place for all faculty, staff, and incoming students: mandatory diversity, inclusion and equity training, as well as making sure students are referred to the proper mental health services, if they so require.

Apparently, they really need it!

Tyranny -- the order of the day as progressive lunacy runs amok on American college campuses. 

Real Clear Politics has the video: