Missouri Parents Angry Over Crude Sex-Ed Book

"It's Pefectly Normal"

Parents with kids in Francis Howell School District of St. Charles, Missouri, have lashed out in protest over the district having a crudely inappropriate sex-ed e-book available in their libraries.

The book, titled "It's Perfectly Normal," has outraged some parents for having cartoon drawings of naked people and graphic depictions of couples having sex. Cover below:

However, as LifeSiteNews reports, the book contains far more than just cartoon depictions of sex, but also promotes abortion and contains passages about the "glories of homosexuality in ancient Sparta;" a civilization with institutionalized pederasty.

"The word abort means to stop or to end something at an early stage," says the book. "The pregnancy is ended by removing the embryo or fetus from the uterus. The procedure itself takes about five minutes and is usually performed during the first three months of pregnancy, before most females even look pregnant."

"It's Perfectly Normal" has also been endorsed by Planned Parenthood.