Missouri To Begin Impeachment Hearing For Democratic Governor

When you’re in charge, the buck stops with you.

The Missouri House Judiciary is looking to impeach their Governor, Jay Nixon, for issues on gay marriage, special elections, and guns. 

The first article of impeachment, HR380, noted that Nixon issued an executive order allowing same-sex married couples to files taxes together.  The fact that the order violated Missouri law was made clear by State Rep Nick Marshall:

It’s clear — Missouri’s constitution says we shall not recognize marriage between other than a man and a woman, and the governor has done the exact opposite.  My argument is that this is such a serious blatant violation of Missouri’s constitution and Missouri’s law that the governor must be removed from office.

HR476, the second article of impeachment, showed Nixon that failed to conduct an immediate special election to fill vacancies in the General Assembly, which is required by state law. 

Lastly, the third article of impeachment, HR923, brought by Rep. Rick Brattin, asserted that Nixon failed to discipline Department of Revenue employees for releasing a list of the state’s 160,000 concealed-carry holders to the Social Security Administration.

Brattin said about Nixon:

When you’re in charge, the buck stops with you and we’ve had thousands of people’s important documents being scanned and sent over to another state and now are no telling where and I think it’s ridiculous and egregious.

The impeachment hearings start on April 30th.