Milo Yiannopoulos's Self-Published Book Soars to #1 on Amazon a Month Before Publication

Simon & Schuster who?

Milo Yiannopoulos has experienced some pretty dramatic literary ups and downs lately. First, Simon & Schuster gave him $250,000 as an advance for his memoir called Dangerous. However, when comments by Yiannopoulos surfaced that seemed to condone pedophilia, the publisher dropped him. (He later said the way he phrased things "led to confusion.”) However, Yiannopoulos was undeterred. “I’ve gone through worse," he wrote. "This will not defeat me," before announcing plans to self-publishing his book:

The memoir will be the first book to be published under his own Dangerous Books label, which will specialise in titles by authors who “can’t get published”. The venture was revealed as part of Milo Inc, a new media venture announced by Yiannopoulos…

Speaking in a YouTube livecast last week, he said: “I want to send them a message that they can never again do this to a libertarian or a conservative.”

One of the provocateur's associates said, “Simon & Schuster has more leftist rules than Facebook and censored his book to hell, but Dangerous Books is a free-speech platform.” Self-publishing seems to be working out quite well for Yiannopoulos. One month prior to the book's publication date, his book is #1 on Amazon, having sailed past both Chelsea Clinton and Ben Sasse’s books:

This caused his supporters on Twitter to rejoice:



While his supporters gloated, his success probably caused the execs at Simon & Schuster to feel a little sick at their stomachs. Yiannopoulos told Red Alert Politics that “This is the book the liberals didn’t want you to read, they did everything they could to stop it and nonetheless we persisted, and my fans have stuck by my side." He went on to say, "I’m releasing the book on Independence Day because we’re freeing ourselves of political correctness, social justice warriors, censorship, the corrupt leftist media, and man-hating feminism.”

Image Credit: Book Cover