Militia Heading to Texas Border

“This is not a ‘go-in-guns-blazing’ kind of thing."

As the crisis on the southern border worsens, American militias have begun to organize. A group calling itself a coalition of “Patriots” has announced the “Secure our Border –Laredo” operation, a  call for militia members to the Texas border to defend the private property of citizens and stem the tide of the flood of illegal immigrants. Though the Patriots spokeswoman Denice Freeman says it is not a “go-in-guns-blazing” operation, and group leader Chris Davis is warning participants against violence, militia members are welcome to bring their guns.

The Brownsville Herald reports:

A group that identifies itself as a coalition of “Patriots” has put out a call for people to go to the Texas-Mexico border and help with a citizen militia operation called “Secure our Border - Laredo.”

A spokeswoman for the group, Denice Freeman, said the operation is a call for civilian militia members — both armed and unarmed — to voluntarily guard private property in the Laredo area and other Texas locations where owners feel threatened by “drug cartels and from gangs, particularly the MS-13 gangs,” a Salvadoran-based gang that is considered among the most dangerous in this country by law enforcement.

Freeman said she expected militia members to become visible in border communities, including the Rio Grande Valley, in the coming weeks but she wanted to stress that the operation’s commander — Chris Davis — is warning members against using any violent means.

Freeman explained that the operation would be handled with the “utmost professionalism” with an emphasis on safety. “This is not a ‘go-in-guns-blazing’ kind of thing," said Freeman. "This will be handled with the utmost professionalism and security and safety for everyone involved.”

The group reportedly released a 21-minute YouTube video on June 14 in which “Commander Chris Davis” says it’s time to secure the border. “You see an illegal,” says Davis, “You point your gun dead at him, right between his eyes, and you say, ‘Get back across the border or you will be shot.’” The video has since been pulled from YouTube.

AP reports that Free Republic founder Jim Robinson posted a similar call to protect the border Friday evening:

We have independent units from the Bolinas Border Patrol and the Central Valley Citizens militia joining forces with independent citizens militia units of Texas to defend our southern border in Texas, to protest Obama’s lawless open borders policies and to rally support for Governor Perry to officially call out Guard units and Texas militia units at his disposal to defend the border!! Lawsuits will not cut it. The invasion is happening now. Action must be taken NOW!!

One Texas sheriff, Hidalgo County’s Eddie Guerra, insisted they did not need the help of the militia, saying, “we have enough good people in Hidalgo County that I can call up.”

The situation has obvious parallels to the recent “Bundy Ranch War,” in which members of militias from all over the country came to support rancher Cliven Bundy.