Mika Brzezinski: 'We Know Chris Christie And We Know He Would Have Known'

Although there has been no evidence presented that NJ Governor Chris Christie had prior knowledge of "bridgegate" Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski​ knows that he knew. Not because of any evidence or discussion with the governor, but because, "we know Chris Christie and we know that he would have known."

This strange statement was part of a discussion on Tuesday morning's program on MSNBC. Mark McKinnon​, confounder of No Labels, was on the program to discuss his organization's work. Brzezinski,​ however, insisted on beginning the segment with a discussion of the George Washington Bridge.

After McKinnon said he believed Christie when he said he didn't know that his office was involved until the emails were released last week, Brzezinski​ asked:

Is there anybody else like you that thinks unequivocally he could have not known anything?


I think so.


You do? I'm still struggling how could he have not known? I think most people think how could he have not known, right?


It depends. It depends on the people who are around you. You could go back through one administration after another in the White House of things that, you know, were done that the president didn't know about.


But we know Chris Christie and we know that he would have known. He is an inquisitive person.


He said early on in the press conference, there is this mistaken belief I’m a micro manager. I put good people around mean I let them run with the ball. We have all known leaders like that and all known micro managers. It happens.

Mika say she knows Christie because she claims to be a personal friend of the Governor.