Middle School Students in Spanish Class Asked to Fill Out Form on 'Privilege'

"To me, that has nothing to do with Spanish."

Stories like this are a big reason that a booming number of American parents are abandoning our hopelessly broken school system, controlled for decades by the progressive left, and opting for homeschooling instead.

In a Spanish language class at Monroe Middle School in Tampa Bay Sarasota, the teacher passed out a form to seventh- and eighth-graders asking them to calculate “How privileged are you?”

The form had columns for Race, Skin Color, Religion, Sex, Gender, Sexual Orientation (which included boxes to check off marked Cisgender, Transgender or GenderQueer), and Disability.

Some parents were outraged at the invasion of privacy, according to local 10 News. One mom's daughter Regina had to reveal that she had ADHD, which the teacher incorrectly described as "a mental illness," so Regina had to check the Disability column.

As for the gender and sexuality questions, Regina's mother pointed out to the 10 News reporter, “She’s 12. Some of these things should be taught at home.” Actually, all of those things should be taught at home, and none of them IN A SPANISH CLASS.

The County School spokesperson told 10 News that the form was "teacher-generated" and not approved by the school principal. "At the district level we do not collect that information," she said.

The teacher, whose name was not reported by 10 News, explained that the goal was to teach the kids about diversity and inequality. "To me, that has nothing to do with Spanish," said Regina's mom. Correct. But it has everything to do with the radical left's urgent agenda to indoctrinate children, the younger the better, in leftist identity politics.

The teacher has been pulled from the classroom while the principal launched an investigation. This is her first year in the school district.