Middle School Kids Taken To Hear Louis Farrakhan Call For Violence Against The 'Crackers'

"We want some of this earth or we’ll tear this goddamn country up!”

An administrator at Booker T. Washington Middle School in Baltimore, MD, took forty young teenage students as young as eleven-years-old to the 2nd Annual Black United Summit International (BUSI) conference where they heard bigoted purveyor of hatred Louis Farrakhan reference white people as "crackers” and a call for “retaliation” for Michael Brown's death.

According to Danette Clark, ​who wrote about the conference for the Education Action Group's website EAG News, the theme of the conference was "Re-Claim, Re-Pair, Re-Form, Re-Produce, – REPARATIONS NOW!" The event was held at Morgan State University and attended by more than 2,000 “students, community leaders, and distinguished guests.”

Specifically, Farrakhan held up what appeared to be the Quran and said that both it and the Bible have a “law of retaliation” in them. “A life for a life,” he said.

Farrakhan continued:

As long as they kill us and go to Wendy’s and have a burger and go to sleep, they’ll keep killing us. But when we die and they die, then soon we’re going to sit at a table and talk about it! We’re tired! We want some of this earth or we’ll tear this goddamn country up!”

Farrakhan also condemned President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and others for telling protesters to “cool it,” stating:

They know an explosion is going to come. You leaders are the worst. Tonight in Ferguson everyone is on edge. White folks ain’t never been on edge after they’ve killed a Black man. Tonight they’re on edge. So on edge that our president has come out from behind the curtain to ask Black young people, ‘cool it.’

You leaders are the worst. When you talk to young people, you can’t feel that you’re missing them? Parents, you can’t feel when you’re talking to your children that this is a new generation and they don’t want to hear your compromising? But time has moved on. Your day of leading our people is over.

You preachers—your day of being the pacifier for the White man’s tyranny on Black people is over. You’ve got to know they’re not going to hear you anymore.

When asked by Clark why the children were taken to this conference, Anthony Pena, the Middle School administrator who took the forty students between the ages of 11 and 15 to the conference, said, "At the end of the day… it’s about how we connect to our youth and help develop them to become our future.”