Michigan Town Removes 'Erotic' Statue

"Blue Human Condition"

In Adrian, Michigan, a sculpture titled "Blue Human Condition" has just been removed from its initial placement near local municipal buildings after residents complained of the statue's "sexual" nature, reports NBC.

The sculpture, made by Michigan artist Mark Chatterley, depicts "seven human-like, gender-neutral figures in varying standing and seated positions. One of the figures looks toward the ground with the top of its head in the pelvic region of one of the standing figures."

After being installed on April 21 near a town municipal building and police department, locals immediately saw the statue as portraying overt sexuality. According to City Administrator Shane Horn, some people did not want to bring their children downtown.

The sculpture has since been relocated to a public park that, as Horn states, has notably less traffic than downtown. Mark Chatterley declined comment to NBC, but Horn said he was "disappointed" by the decision.