Michigan Muslim Woman: Not Even Animals Would Object to Stabbing Jews

The following video is proof-positive that you don't need to live in Islamic lands to witness people with the most repugnant views, particularly those concerning the Jewish people.  

Lina Allan, a Palestinian-Jordanian activist who lives in Michigan, recently published a video in which she condemns Muslims who criticize Palestinians who stab Israelis. According to the "Western" Allan, not even an "animals' would object to the stabbing of Jewish people "if they could talk." 

Her advice to any Muslim who actually has a conscience? Shut up and go back to your "Turkish soap operas."

MEMRI provides the video and transcript"

ALLAN: ...let's assume that it is haram for a Palestinian to stab a Jew in order to put the pressure on the Israeli-Zionist entity. Even if you think that it's haram, they want to do it. Will you be held accountable on their behalf?! If so, let me know and we will discuss this further. The people who say that these stabbings are haram are trying to give the impression that they are sensitive, delicate people, and to create a [singer] Tamer Hosny-style, human-rights atmosphere. Let me tell you that at best, you are representing animal rights – not human rights, but at best, animal rights. Let me tell you, even animals would not object to this if they could talk.

Nobody can feel the suffering of the Palestinian people but the Palestinians living in Palestine. I wish that you would stop interfering. Spare us your views, and go back to watching Turkish soap operas. It would be better if you didn't talk about something you don't understand.

There is something that everybody must understand: Israel has occupied all the Arab countries, in order to cement its occupation of Palestine, but it has failed. Nobody can. 

I, Lina Allan, do not support the Palestinian government or any party. I support the Palestinian people, and I support any decision made by the Palestinian people, in order to regain its rights and its land. In conclusion: "Oh mountain, don't let the wind shake you." I will see you in my next video. Assalaam Alaykum.

Worst of all, Allan is reportedly co-founder of the Jordanian NGO "Step & Mile"and in 2012 represented the State Department’s U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) at Jordan's Jameed Festival. This tells you everything you need to know about Islamic anti-Semitism and why the so-called Palestinians have no genuine intention of living in peace or adopting a two-state solution even if one were back on the table.