Michelle Tweets Pic with AARP Card for Her 50th Birthday

On Friday, Michelle Obama tweeted a celebration of her 50th birthday: a picture of her holding her AARP card.

The AARP (formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons) has been a significant supporter of the Obama administration in general and Obamacare in particular. During the 2012 campaign, President Obama invoked AARP’s support for Obamacare, drawing the AARP’s criticism. In 2009, former White House staffer Jim Messina emailed AARP executive Nancy LeaMond asking the AARP to put out “immediate robo calls into Nebraska urging [Senator Ben] Nelson to vote for cloture?” AARP followed suit.

The AARP earned over $1 billion for its support of Obamacare. The bill included an AARP carve-out exempting Medigap policies from rate regulations generally applied.