Michelle Obama's 'Promise of Hashtag' Moment

That should fix everything.

Today, the First Lady took to Twitter to do something positive and proactive about the kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria. Taking a page from the State Department, Mrs. Obama tweeted a picture with a hashtag on it. Problem solved.

Spokesperson Jen Psaki infamously tweeted her hope to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine by urging them to "live by the promise of hashtag," referring to the Twitter hashtag #UnitedforUkraine. In a similar effort at doing nothing while pretending to do something, the First Lady tweeted today:

This is another example of the self-indulgent culture of the left, concerned primarily with gestures. Like President Obama suggesting that Putin would cave before the condemnation and peer pressure of being on the "wrong side of history." It is a culture that believes everyone craves approval from the cool kids. Take, for example, how celebrities are "raising awareness" over the missing girls.

Nothing says stop selling people into slavery like Ashton Kutcher's disapproving tweet. Boko Haram must be sending frowny face emojis like crazy.

President Obama yesterday promised to send a team to Nigeria to try and help secure the rescue of the kidnapped girls. That is policy. Tweeting for what we want is no substitute for real talk, and real action. For someone in a position of power, it's pretty far on the silly side.

Not strong. Not grave. Not serious. Stern face smiley.