Michelle Obama Offers Advice to Next 'First Spouse'

"Oh, you caught that?"

First Lady Michelle Obama had a little advice to offer her successor at the "Media with Purpose" event in New York Tuesday with Hollywood panelists Lena Dunham and Julianne More. This progressive group was there to talk about how social media can promote social causes like the "Let Girls Learn" initiative.

But "girls" might be less of a focus for the next first lady of the United States because in less than a year, Mrs. Obama is going to be handing over her FLOTUS title to someone else and that someone else could be a man - Bill Clinton (in which case women's issues would remain a top priority, if you get our drift). So in preparation for that potential disaster, she's already tweaking the title that has been engrained in the American psyche for over 200 years:

I'm pretty sure that the next administration, the next first spouse, if they want to be effective in communicating their message… [audience laughs/applauds] Oh, you caught that? I'm just being neutral because, you know, the world is big and interesting. But the next first spouse is gonna have to figure out how to, you know, connect with the audience they're trying to connect with.

Gender neutrality aside, that's just about the worst advice ever uttered into a microphone. What does that even mean, they're going to have to connect with whatever audience they're trying to connect with?

She's not only proving to be neutral, but also redundant and pointless.

Here's a clip:


Michelle Obama Gives Advice to the Next 'First Spouse'

WATCH: Michelle Obama gives advice to the next "first spouse" http://abcn.ws/20GRO62

Posted by ABC News Politics on Wednesday, February 3, 2016