Michelle O Can't Remember How Long She's Been Married

Can't remember things about her own family

At the Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day event at the White House Wednesday, first lady Michelle Obama had a hard time remembering how long she and the president of the United States have been married. She also made sure she curried favor with the children by pandering to them, saying, "We are grateful to you all, for what you do to support your parents ... " and added a pitch for the nanny state, saying of the children's parents, "We're taking care of 'em, at least we're trying to ..." 

The First Lady began by siting down and addressing her fidgety audience, telling the kids to obey their parents, imploring them to read a lot, and finally, reminding them to eat their vegetables. She added that when they come back again next year, she doesn't want any bad reports.

Mrs. Obama then took questions from the children. One asked what famous people she has met since becoming the first lady. She responded, "The Queen of England, the Pope, George Clooney." 

Another asked if she ever wanted to be first lady when she was a kid. She responded, "I didn't know I could be a first lady." She explained that people "like her" and Barack didn't think they ever could. But, she said, "Here I am. It's a pretty good job."

When asked more personal things about her family, Mrs. Obama was less specific with answers. In one instance, a child asked what baseball team her daughters root for. She said they didn't like baseball because "they're girls." Suddenly realizing her error in speaking such a thing in this modern gender-inclusive age, she clumsily backtracked and stated they were more into basketball. However, she was unable to say if they had a favorite team or not.

Worse yet, Mrs. Obama was unable to answer the most simple of personal relationship questions: "How long have you and Barack been married?" Here is what she said verbatim:

Uh, 20-something years. Wait, somebody [looks to her aides] you guys know the date. When was it? It's been over a decade. It's been a while.

Close! Barack and Michelle were married October 3, 1992 -- 23 years ago to be exact. Definitely more than a decade.