Michael Caine: Black Actors Should 'Be Patient' for Oscar Nods

"You can’t vote for an actor (just) because he’s black"

At least one person in Hollywood still has some sanity - too bad he's 82 years old.

World-renowned actor and two-time Oscar winner Michael Caine won't be jumping on the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag this year. He even felt the boycott promoted by Jada Pinkett-Smith, Spike Lee, and various other left-wing dim bulbs would be counter-productive, saying that black performers will stop earning future Oscars and will instead win by sympathy votes. 

 "There are loads of black actors. I think in the end you can’t vote for an actor (just) because he’s black," Caine told the BBC. "You can’t say: I’m going to vote for him. He’s not very good but he’s black, (so) I’ll vote for him. You’ve got to give a good performance."

Caine's only advice to black actors is that they "be patient."

Since Caine's words went public, leftists have already launched a counter-attack. An article in Vox with the racist title "Old White Actors Don't Get the Oscars Diversity Problem," roundly criticized Caine's words for being out of touch and insensitive.