Meriam-Webster Trolls Trump on Twitter with #WordOfTheDay: ‘Reprehensible’

It’d be nice to just have some politics-free definitions.

President Trump might’ve said “shithole countries” in describing places where raw sewage flows in the streets and the Left is not happy about it. Twitter is on fire over the perceived gaffe and the news networks have declared that was the final nail in his “racist” coffin.

Joining in the melee is Merriam-Webster dictionary. It appears they are using their Twitter feed as a bit of a trolling station against the president. Their #WordOfTheDay is “reprehensible,” which means “worthy of blame or censure:



It was not lost on Merriam-Webster’s followers that this was a direct shot at Trump:









A quick scroll through their feed reveals several other digs this month:







But Merriam-Webster isn’t the only one playing politics. pegged Vice President Mike Pence as a Trump “sycophant” because he praises the president “every 12 seconds.”



And their current feed is much more vicious than Merriam-Webster's. The top tweet right now is a link to President Trump signing a Martin Luther King Jr. proclamation ahead of the holiday and another link to for the term "too little too late."






Remember when we used to go to the dictionary to define terms and that was all we got in return?