Megyn Kelly's Definitive Dismantling Of Benghazi Lies

This is why we have journalists.

On Fox News Thursday night, Megyn Kelly covered the Benghazi hearings, and laid out a timeline, with video clips, that absolutely, definitively, and devastatingly illustrate exactly how dishonest Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been with regard to the attacks and the infamous YouTube video.

Fox has provided a long clip, including Kelly's interview with Mark Thiessen, but it is worth watching every minute of it.

This is what people don't see on network news. It's what they don't hear on NPR in their car. This is why we have investigations and hearings and questions and interviews. Because there is truth, and it can be told. But you have to fight through layers upon layers upon layers of deeply ingrained water-carrying and toadying behavior from the media who, in the end, not only believe that Hillary is our inevitable next president, but are pleased by it and hope to be a part of the reason why.

Hilariously, outfits like Media Matters, little more than a press organ for the Clinton campaign, have tried to perpetuate the myth that the media are unfair to Hillary. That is only partly because they are so blindingly partisan that anything short of obsequious bowing and scraping is an attack. It is also because it is a strategy designed to move the zero on the scale. The want to make criticism of Hillary so far to the fringe that when networks only lightly praise her, it is seen as being aligned against her. They want to move the middle. That's why reporting like Kelly's is so important.

It shows the American people what actual integrity and honesty looks like. It reminds us that lies can be countered with facts. 

This is, in short, a must-watch clip.