Media Matters’ ‘Volatile and Erratic’ Founder David Brock

"Brock wasn't a liar for any larger cause, but simply … a liar."

The contentious life of David Brock, founder of the leftist media watchdog, Media Matters for America, has made headlines since his radical conversion from self-described “right-wing hitman” to self-imagined media rebel leader of the far left.

Brock made himself an instant darling of the left when he published his infamous tell-all, Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative (2002). The book covers in lurid detail his period as a self-described “right-wing hitman.” Brock presented it as a confessional, chronicling the seductive evils of conservative media. Obviously, the left loved him for it.

As Brock puts in his 2004 book, The Republican Noise Machine:

I know there is a Republican Noise Machine because I was once part of it. From the Washington Times, to a stint as a "research fellow" at the Heritage Foundation (the Right’s premier think tank), to a position as an "investigative writer" at the muckraking magazine The American Spectator, and as the author of a best-selling right-wing book, I forwarded the right-wing agenda not as an open political operative or advocate but under the guise of journalism and punditry, fueled by huge sums of money from right-wing billionaires, foundations, and self-interested corporations.

Brock portrays himself not just as a convert, but the ultimate anti-conservative, armed with his insider knowledge of the “brutal conservative noise machine.” His mission: to make sure that conservative media’s “capacities to spread filth are somehow eradicated.”

Brock’s rockstar status in leftist circles eventually opened doors to big leftist donors. The result: his brainchild Media Matters for America, which has aggressively selected members of the conservative media to discredit and discard. Despite Brock’s self-chronicled dishonesty and his reported “volatile and erratic” (and increasingly paranoid) behavior, Media Matters’ relentless attacks on conservatives in the media have at times done real damage to individuals and organizations.

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