Media Matters Blasts CNN For Having A Balanced Debate On Global Warming

Media Matters For America wants the mainstream media to know they are not allowed to interview anyone who disagrees with the positions of Media Matters for America. A post published on their site Wednesday called "The Worst Climate Change Misinformer In America Is On CNN" ripped CNN for having a climate change discussion featuring Mark Morano of Climate Depot.

Media Matters criticized CNN for including one person who disagreed with their position out of the three people on the panel. 

Additionally, as is their standard operating procedure, the progressive organization called Morano lots of names, but never gave any evidence to prove him wrong. 

The CNN segment featured Marc Morano, who currently runs a climate skeptic website paid for by a fossil fuel-funded lobbying group, alongside the Sierra Club's Michael Brune and Earth Echo International's Philippe Cousteau. However, Morano commandeered the majority of the segment -- at one point Lemon joked to Cousteau, "Philippe, you've got to be aggressive if you want to get in on these guys because they're really fired up about this." Morano, who previously made a living by feeding misleading talking points on global warming to Rush Limbaugh and Senator James Inhofe, used his CNN airtime to claim that the "most pro-child thing you can do" in poverty-stricken areas is to build coal plants -- despite the fact that many countries are struggling with fatal levels of air pollution from those plants. After Morano rattled off his usual talking points, dismissing any trend of increasing extreme weather events, Lemon said, "We get your point. You don't think [climate change] is real." Morano responded, "Scientific journals don't think it's real." ​

More than once in the post, Media Matters for America criticizes Morano for receiving money from the oil industry, but never mentions that the Sierra Club gets money from the natural gas industry. Additionally, if Media Matters really believes it is so important for organizations to reveal funding sources, perhaps they should begin with themselves.