Media Matters Attacks Karl Over Carney Confrontation

Leftist watchdogs attack Karl for questioning Benghazi inconsistencies

ABC's Jonathan Karl garnered significant attention for his "heated back and forth" with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney over newly discovered emails that reference Benghazi. Some of that attention came from left-wing Media Matters, which accused Karl of misrepresenting information during the press conference. 

Referencing a previous incident in its lede to try and discredit Karl's current premise, MediaMatters accepted the White House spin that the recently publicized emails showing efforts to blame the Benghazi attacks on protests over an offensive film were not specifically related to Susan Rice's appearances on Sunday morning talk shows. 

Karl, who pursued a line of questioning that called that spin into question, is, per the article, just perpetuating a "conservative distortion":

ABC's Jonathan Karl, who was previously burned when he pushed falsehoods about CIA talking points generated in the wake of the 2012 Benghazi attacks, is now adopting the conservative distortion of a separate set of talking points authored by the White House for media appearances by then U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice.