Media Matters for America Fighting SEIU Efforts to Unionize?

Despite MMFA's pro-labor political stance, the law firm it hired, Perkins Coie is experienced at defending employers against unions.

On April 10th, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) filed the forms with the National Labor Relations Board to hold an election to unionize 50 employees working for the George Soros-funded progressive media watchdog, Media Matters for America (MMFA). In response, Media Matters has hired a high priced law firm with experience combating unions to represent the company, indicating that the pro-union MMFA is fighting the action.

When attacking conservatives MMFA has often taken a pro-labor position, making the case that unions are essential to the overall health of the economy and increase productivity among other points:

Center For American Progress: "Unions Are Good For The American Economy." According to a Center for American Progress fact sheet titled "Unions Are Good for the American Economy," unions have been shown to raise economic demand by increasing workers' wages and buying power. The fact sheet also noted that the benefits of unionization spread beyond members, causing non-union employers to match union wages

(...) Economic Policy Institute: "Unions Increase Productivity Through A Variety Of Channels." In a report on the benefits of unions in restoring and strengthening the middle class, economist Paula B. Voos of the Economic Policy Institute explained how unionization can increase individual firms' productivity by encouraging investment and increasing the supply of highly-skilled labor.

Despite MMFA's pro-labor political stance, the law firm it hired, Perkins Coie, is experienced at defending employers against unions.

Whether directly negotiating collective bargaining agreements, developing strike contingency plans or defending unfair labor practice proceedings, Perkins Coie Labor & Employment attorneys provide employers with decades of experience managing traditional labor law issues.  We have been at the bargaining table for some of the largest union employers in the United States and regularly appear before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and in state and federal court on behalf of employers of all sizes.  Our depth of employment litigation experience contributes to cost-effective representation in arbitrations under collective bargaining agreements.

As the Obama NLRB continues to issue union-friendly decisions, we understand the attendant challenges that employers face in developing and maintaining productive employee relations and economic sustainability. 

H/T Labor Union Report