Media Leftists Ditch Facts in Favor of Anti-Gun Crusade

“Stephen Paddock…fired automatic rounds, [which] were perfectly legal.”

The biased, mainstream media seems ever-ready to collude with Democrats in an effort to take guns away from law abiding citizens.  In the immediate aftermath of any crime committed with the use of a gun, the anti-Second Amendment crowd attacks guns instead of the crime—an inexplicable act akin to vilifying checkbooks in light of someone bouncing a check. This reason-be-damned, by-any-means-necessary opportunist approach to eroding the rights of the citizenry to protect itself is surely a factor in the left’s reporting on firearms with excessively poor accuracy.

Two examples of this kind of shoddy journalism are USA Today reporter Heidi Przybyla’s recent appearance on MSNBC regarding sound-eliminating “silencers”—which do not exist—and a CBS story run Tuesday about “automatic rounds”…which also do not exist.

According to Przybyla:

“(Before Sunday’s shooting in Las Vegas) Congress…was moving…to allow people to use these silencers…imagine how much worse that would’ve made the situation…if the officials, the people in the hotel, couldn’t tell where that gunfire was coming from, to…stop him from slaughtering even more people.”

Contrary to Przybyla’s ridiculous assertion—and unlike the fictitious “silencers” she’s seen in movies—a suppressor is designed only to reduce the volume of gunfire so as to not damage a shooter’s hearing. For example, an AR-style rifle, when outfitted with a suppressor, is about the same volume as a commercial jet engine while taking off.

Across the network dial, CBS claimed, “While the guns that Stephen Paddock used to shoot more than 500 people in Las Vegas fired automatic rounds, they were perfectly legal.”

Suggesting that “automatic rounds” are sold in the United States preys on fear and bolsters ammunition-banning legislation. However, there is no such thing— in actuality, “automatic” refers to a gun’s ability to fire multiple rounds while the trigger is held, not to a special mass-murdering bullet; and incidentally, automatic weapons were already banned by the Firearm Owners' Protection Act of 1986.

When journalists distort the facts to vilify an industry or strengthen the case for liberty-lessening lawmaking, it creates a distrust on the part of the public. And unlike the leftist, ivory-tower aristocrats, America—what the elites view as “fly-over country” between New York and LA—is not ignorant about fireams. If the left-dominated, discredited media hopes to ever regain the trust of the masses, it’ll first need to follow the most important rule of reporting—the rule it seems to have all but abandoned: report the truth.