Media Hall of Shame: Reuters' Repeated Anti-Israel Bias

Headlines focus on Palestinians as victims rather than attackers.

Reuters has had a spate of recent headlines that emphasize the outlet's extreme bias against Israel by placing the focus on Palestinian attackers as victims of Israeli violence, thus earning them a spot in TruthRevolt's Media Hall of Shame.

Since October, Palestinian violence against Israeli citizens has been a constant occurrence that has included multiple stabbings, shootings, and using vehicles as weapons. And in many, if not most, cases, the Palestinian threat is neutralized by an Israeli defense officer. But Reuters is having a very difficult time reporting on who the aggressor actually is. Here are just two of their most egregious headlines:

  • A YouTube video from October 12 declares, "Israelis Kill Jerusalem Knife Man." 
  • On November 27, when a Palestinian rammed his vehicle into two Israeli Defense Force soldiers injuring them and was subsequently shot and killed, Reuters ran this headline: "Palestinian Dies in Ramming Attack."

And if it's not headlines transferring the offense from Palestinians to Israelis, it's a photo showing knife-wielding jihadists holding the Koran with captions that say they are taking part in a "rally." The terrorist attacks against Jews is belittled by Reuters preference of calling the violence, "Palestinians confronting Israelis."

An October 27 report included a map of all of the stabbings, shootings, and rammings that whitewashed them as simply "street violence."

In only a few instances have the headlines nearly hit the mark: "Five Dead in Palestinian Attacks in Tel Aviv," or "Two Palestinian Assailants Shot Dead in West Bank Stabbing Attempts," or even, "Israeli Police Officers Kill Palestinian Attacker." Yet, they are still carefully crafted to keep the waters murky. And the reporting itself doesn't help clear up anything as Reuters surreptitiously implies that any Palestinians killed are just innocent bystanders, said to be "at the scene of attacks" or engaging in "protests," as evidenced here [emphasis added]:

Police say 49 of the 80 Palestinians killed in recent weeks died at the scene of attacks on Israelis and most of the rest died in violent protests in the occupied West Bank and near the Gaza border.

Furthermore, Reuters is always careful to indicate that the Palestinians are identified as assailants by Israeli officials and not the news outlet itself -- and certainly never described as terrorists [emphasis added]:

Nineteen Israelis and a U.S. citizen have been killed since Oct. 1. Israeli forces have killed 97 Palestinians, of whom 58 were identified by Israel as assailants or caught on camera carrying out attacks, while others were shot in clashes with police and troops.

Imagine the outrage if this type of reporting happened for other terrorist attacks around the world. One Jewish journalist, recently frustrated by a BBC headline that emphasized the death of a Palestinian attacker rather than his victims, created a faux headline for the Paris attacks to illustrate the absurdity in this type of reporting. It read, "7 Men Shot Dead During Paris Attack; 129 Dead." Each French citizen he filmed expressed outrage at such a ludicrous report.

University of Toronto Professor Howard Tenenbaum offered this nonsensical example as an imagined headline for a Reuters 9-11 story in an online comment: "Nine Saudis Killed in Airplane Crashes in USA."

In both the attacks against America and the recent Paris massacre, headlines like these weren't published. However, as Reuters continues to prove, this is not the case when it comes to terrorism against Israel.