Matthews: Nastiness the 'Main Course of the Republican Party'

On Wednesday, Chris Matthews stated that stardom and acceptance can only be gained in the Republican party if they act rude and nasty towards President Obama.

In a discussion panel with Joy Reid and Ron Reagan Jr., Matthews stated:

The continual statement that gets you where you want to go in right-wing Republican politics, and that's almost the same thing now, is simply always being against the President. Somebody in a room says 'the President ought to be executed', you say 'he is an outlaw.' Anything that's nasty like the president is screwing the economy has become the main course of the Republican party. You can never put your hand up like John McCain did wonderfully when he said Obama is a 'good man' to the woman who called Obama an Arab -- not that is a bad thing, but she meant it as a bad thing -- he said he was a good American. When is anyone else going to do that? Is that like something you don't do anymore in the Republican party, say 'wait a minute, hold your horses, we disagree on policy, but he's not the freaking devil.'

Of course Matthews is making a claim that even a quick glance at the past reveals to be absurd. In the 2012 Presidential campaigns, the Obama camp continually ran disingenuous and misleading character assassination ads painting Romney as an evil, greed obsessed monster while Romney repeatedly referred to President Obama as a "good guy, but a bad President." In perhaps the lowest moment of the battle, Joe Biden infamously declared to African American voters that Romney and his Wall Street buddies wanted to "put y'all back in chains." Clearly things did not turn out so well for the more cordial campaign.