Mass Shooting in PA: 5 Dead, 3 Injured

It was an ambush attack.

Allegheny County Police are reporting that five people are dead, and three people injured in a mass shooting spree last night, east of Pittsburgh.

Lt. Andrew Schurman of the Allegheny County homicide unit confirmed the shooting in the borough of Wilkinsburg late Wednesday night. No motive for the shooting was given and police said they were still looking for two gunmen.

According to law enforcement four women and one man were killed during a backyard party and an additional three were shot and treated at a local hospital. Two men were in critical condition and the woman is in stable condition, police say. 

The attack was an ambush, when gunman barged into the party and opened fire. Shurman said that gunfire came from two locations but the police do not believe any of the party-goers fired back.

“It looks like right now they were all fleeing toward the backdoor of the residence when the second gunman fired from the side of the yard,” he said. “They all seemed to get caught on the back porch.”