Mark Wahlberg Got Paid More Than Female Co-Star and It’s Totally Fair

But leftists overreacted with cries about the wage gap myth anyway.

Ridley Scott had to do massive reshoots in a short period of time for his already wrapped film All the Money in the World in order to replace the debauched Kevin Spacey with legendary actor Christopher Plummer before it premiered in December 2017.

That meant Mark Wahlberg would need to be called back in as well as his female co-star, Michelle Williams. Wahlberg was paid much more than Williams and that exploded in the press as one more example of the gender wage gap.

On the surface, it seems like pretty damning evidence: Wahlberg got $1.5 million for his reshoots while Williams only received $1,000 for hers. She was paid a paltry $80 per day in per diem. That was all.

But as The Wrap explains, both actors contracts were completely different and agreed upon prior to filming:

[Williams’] contract required her to do reshoots, which turned out to be much more extensive than planned…

Wahlberg received more than 100 times as much money as she did because reshoots were not in his contract, according to an individual with knowledge of the deal. It’s no surprise that Wahberg’s agent, Ari Emanuel, demanded top dollar for Wahlberg’s time…

Wahlberg’s character has many more scenes with J. Paul Getty (Plummer). The reshoots cost about $10 million in all, according to USA Today.

The insider said Wahlberg earned more for reshoots because he had lowered his fee and is one of the biggest draws worldwide.

As The Wrap admitted begrudgingly, “It may look like obvious sexism, but it’s complicated.”

Not really. It makes total sense.