Mark Ruffalo's Gaza Tweet: Beyond Stupid

"Listen to your heart"

Actor Mark Ruffalo is the epitome of the Hollywood elitist who really does not understand the world in which we live in nor does he care to know the truth of a situation.  His heart tells him where to go, so he opens his mouth and makes a fool of himself.

In a recent tweet regarding the violent and deadly clashes between the Israeli Defense Forces and terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza, the dim-witted “Hulk” said, “Sorry, I thought blowing up Hospitals was something that all human beings could agree was off limits.”

While most people can agree that “blowing up hospitals” should never happen, what Ruffalo fails to mention is that Hamas is using those hospitals and the surrounding area to fire off their rockets.  But what was really mind-blowing was his tweet when someone challenged Ruffalo by telling him that Hamas is using Gaza residents as human shields.


His last line is what is wrong with the liberal argument on every subject.  “Use your heart” is the rally cry of the left.  Instead of looking into the facts of any situation, they look into their hearts and use that feeling to make their choices.

If Mr. Ruffalo is too tired from saving the world from a fictional enemy, here is a link that might enlighten him: