Mark Levin Says He's Being Targeted for Intimidation by 'Some Campaign'

He hasn't named names ... yet.

Radio host Mark Levin told his audience Thursday that "somebody or some people" are trying to intimidate him by looking into his life and associations, and that he believes he knows who it is. "I think it's a campaign," said the popular host.

The intimidation campaign is focused, it seems, on the fact that the son of Levin's fiance happens to work at Ted Cruz's office. He points out the absurdity, which does not detract from the grotesque nature of the attempt to "silence" him, as he puts it. And he emphatically makes no apologies for his having done nothing wrong.

If somebody wants to work for a senator or congressman, they’re free to work for a senator or congressman. I’m not going to tell them not to. Or if they want to work for Donald Trump, I’m not going to tell them not to. I like all these people. I like a lot of them. It’s not personal with me. It’s philosophical with me.”

Levin did not say which campaign he suspects, but did promise to expose them when and if he finds out. "No host should be intimidated," he said. "No journalist should be intimidated. No guest commentator should be intimidated."

Levin has recently been in an ongoing war of words with Trump supporters over the "birther" claims against Ted Cruz.