Mark Hamill Reads Trump Tweet as The Joker

See, because he’s an evil villain.

We’ve all seen celebrities, including President Obama, read mean tweets about themselves. But one writer came up with a new idea: what if The Joker read Donald Trump’s tweets?

Matt Oswalt read the president-elect’s New Year’s message on Twitter and thought it “sounds like something the Joker would say right before releasing a swarm of killer bees into Gotham.”

Then Oswalt came up with a “BILLION DOLLAR IDEA: an App that you can feed every Trump tweet into that plays it back in @HamillHimself Joker voice. You’re welcome.”

That’s Luke Skywalker himself, actor Mark Hamill, who has been voicing the animated Joker in cartoons and video games for the last 25 years. He accepted Oswalt’s challenge, saying, “Nobody writes better super-villain dialogue than #TrumPutin!” He proceeded to post the audio above and anti-Trumpers, and Joker fans, love it.

“Finally, the Tweets of Donald Trump found the voice they were always meant for,” gushed What’s Trending.

Star Trek icon George Takei said, “As if they couldn’t get more sinister. What a brilliant stroke.”

And just like all viral gags, there will be more to come.

This evidence wasn’t needed to know Hamill is no fan of President-elect Trump. He called Trump’s cabinet picks “despicable people,” though as TruthRevolt’s Paul Bois pointed out, pressuring your son’s girlfriend into having an abortion might more readily qualify Hamill as “despicable” rather than holding different political opinions.