Marine In Mexican Prison? Hooray, Says LA Times Columnist

He's where he belongs, says Abcarian

This weekend, LA Times columnist Robin Abcarian wrote an article suggesting that it might be a good thing that the Mexican government arrested and continues to detain 25-year-old former Marine Andrew Tahmooressi on weapons charges, an opinion that goes wildly against a large majority of written opinions on the matter.

Tahmooressi was arrested in Mexico after his truck crossed the border while carrying a rifle, a shotgun, and a pistol, as well as ammunition, all of which were obtained and owned legally in the United States. The Marine claims that his truck crossed the border inadvertently, a believable claim in light of the mountain of evidence that has surfaced in the last two months illustrating just how easy it is to make that mistake. 

Abcarian's article fairly drips with derision and self-satisfaction. Take this paragraph, for instance:

It can’t possibly be pleasant to be imprisoned in Mexico--or downtown Los Angeles, for that matter--but according to Ariel Moutsatsos-Morales, the Mexican Embassy’s minister for public affairs in Washington, Tahmooressi’s “fundamental rights have been respected, including the rights to due process and personal integrity.” (And dare I say, this is a Marine who did two tours in Afghanistan. Are such Americans not among our toughest?)

"I mean, I thought you guys were tough," she chides. So suck it up, she implies. It is a shame the parenthetical question "dare I" wasn't immediately answered "No, you daren't."

Her basic "argument," such as it is, is that the Marine went to war and his mom worried about him, so it's a good thing Mexico stopped him from shooting a bunch of people, which he was definitely going to do. Because veteran.

What authority in his or her right mind would simply say, "OK, son. You made a mistake. Take your loaded rifle, your loaded shotgun, your loaded pistol and your 400 rounds of ammo and get the heck out of here."

Come on, people.

That reasoned, totally not a straw-man argument was followed by this grabber:

Andrew Tahmooressi, 25, the former Marine sergeant who has been in a Mexican prison since March 31 while Mexican authorities investigate whether he violated that country’s strict gun laws, may be lucky he got busted. This incident will allow him to receive the intervention he clearly needs.

The matter of his guns being legal or the mitigation of intent with the ease of inadvertent border crossings are of no interest to the writer, who merely wishes to take a few potshots at a gun-owning veteran while cutely trying to thumb her nose at Bergdahl critics.

Abcarian wants us to "thank" Mexico for "intercepting" an "armed" Marine. That title alone is a smear job. Her argument that he was destined for bad acts and that enlightened Mexico is the more responsible nation regarding gun ownership and mental health is a farce of such epic proportion it is hard to conceive. Most Americans will be happy to thank Mexico when they can "intercept" armed drug traffickers and cartel members before they cross the border to commit their crimes and sell their wares. Until that day, spare us your laughable assertions of responsible law-keeping, Robin.