Man Eats Bacon in Front of Muslims, Gets Convicted and Fined

And we bet he'd do it again. Who can resist bacon?

A 53-year-old man from Stockholm, Sweden, was charged and fined for eating bacon in front of three Muslim women.

According to an article roughly translated in Google, the greasy incident occurred on a commuter train in the city. The man saw the veiled women and began to eat the bacon in an obnoxious manner to tease them and followed the women when they moved to new seats. The man also hurled insults at them and said he hated Muslims. 

The report notes that the man denied any wrongdoing and said he “followed the women to apologize if they were ill.” But it also states that prosecutors had surveillance footage and other witnesses to back up the women’s account.

Instead of simply writing the man off as rude and going about their day, he was “judged to be unreasonable” and ordered to pay what amounts to $600 U.S. dollars to each woman and over $1,000 “in daily fines,” the report stated. It didn't specify how many days exactly, but one day is far too much to be punished for eating bacon, even provocatively. 

As with all bacon-related stories here at TruthRevolt, we can’t help but post a baby having bacon for the first time. He pretty well captures the delight pork fat brings:

Here’s a bonus joke via The Gateway Pundit: