Man with Concealed Carry Gun Kills Attacker at 7-Eleven

But the good guy with a gun is a myth, right?

On Sunday, a man with a concealed carry gun permit stopped an ax-wielding madman from killing a clerk at a 7-Eleven, which is rather odd, because don't leftists claim that the "good guy with a gun" is a myth?

As MRC-TV reports, "the assailant began swinging the hatchet at a customer before turning his sights to the clerk himself. The mugger went behind the counter and began assaulting the 58-year-old clerk, all without uttering a single word."

Fortunately for the clerk, a customer fired on the attacker before any serious damage could be done. Police pronounced the attacker dead shortly after, with the clerk sustaining only minor injuries to his stomach.

The clerk's savior is a store regular that was simply enjoying his morning coffee before hell broke loose. 

"The customer’s a nice guy," said another store clerk. "He’s been coming here for about 12 years. He buys scratch tickets in the morning time. He buys coffee. He’s a good guy."

"Fortunately, because of this customer with his weapon, this could have been a lot worse," said King County Sheriff’s Sergeant Cindi West. 

"The clerk could be the one laying there dead on the floor right now" -- which the anti-Second Amendment crowd would probably prefer,